Class Details:

Ages: 3 - 5 years
45 mins per class
Max. 12 children per class


Our preschooler classes really offer the best of everything! Weve got social, emotional, early language, and motor skill development covered, plus your child gets the added benet of music permeating everything we do to get those neurons ring! Have you noticed your childs explosion in vocabulary, storytelling, and imagination? We know that preschoolers thrive on pretend play so these classes include songs, stories, and instrument ensembles to nurture your childs budding creativity. Bonus: its FUN! With cognitive, emotional, and social benets, a Kindermusik class is the perfect place for your preschooler.


Your child's enrolment includes:

  • 45-minute weekly classes
  • Themed monthly units with lots of variety
  • Unlimited access to the Kindermusik@Home online portal for each unit, which includes downloadable or streaming music, printable story book & activities, and online video field trips, recipes, and even some useful tips!
  • Special family events and class celebrations! 
  • Sibling discounts available for children enrolled in the same class - please get in touch for details.


  • Vocal DevelopmentNow that the speaking voice is more fully developed, well turn our attention to finding the song thats in every heart. The singing we do in class will expand the childrens song repertoire, help them begin to match pitch, and teach them to use their voices expressively. Singing in the appropriate vocal range means that children begin to explore their voices and emerging pitch accuracy. But it goes beyond just building strong singers. Singing develops memory and recall, lung and cardiovascular strength, as well as creativity, and socialisation.

  • Cognitive Development These concrete thinkers are also curious learners who have an increasing ability to think about ideas and things that are not immediately visible. Our Kindermusik activities give lots of opportunities for stretching those cognitive abilities through labelling, repetition, sequencing, and participating in pretend play.

  • Language DevelopmentThe preschooler has a lot to say, and they love to tell stories and share information. Kindermusik gives your preschooler an outlet for self-expression by capitalising on their capacity for imaginary play, ability to follow 3-step directions, and interest in making up stories and rhymes.

  • Gross Motor SkillsSkills like hopping, skipping, running, and walking are refined as we add the challenge of moving to a musical cue. Kindermusik helps your active preschooler become more expressive in their movement, giving them lots of opportunities to benefit from the strong connection between moving and learning.      
  • Fine Motor SkillsDrawing simple objects on paper or building a tower with blocks show that your child is ready to take on the challenge of using a mallet and playing instruments with greater variety and skill. Kindermusik classes provide a critical bridge of musical learning and experience.
  • Social Emotional Development Every child is a contributor in our classes! Respect for each child and a knowledge of age-appropriate expectations means that a secure environment is provided for each child to explore, learn, grow, and contribute.
  • Musical DevelopmentKindermusik taps into your childs natural musicianship and developing musical skills. Ill help your child to find and develop their singing voice and teach them a beginning vocabulary of music terms in a fun and encouraging way.

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