Kindermusik At Home


Educational Activities beyond the Classroom, into Your Home

Unlike most other children's activities, Kindermusik is much more than a weekly class. As part of your child's enrolment, you will have Kindermusik @Home materials to access throughout the week (I promise it is nothing like homework - your little ones will LOVE this!). These materials are just the tools you need to continue that one of a kind musical experience as a family. While we plant the seeds of learning through music in the classroom, you will use the @Home materials at home to cultivate life long learning. All the music enjoyed in class is available to use at home, along with unlimited access to printable storybooks & literacy activities, memory games, online video field trips, recipes to try at home.. and even some useful tips, ideas & inspiration for parents! You are your child's best teacher in life, and Kindermusik provides the tools and element of fun to make being the very best parent that little bit easier.

Kindermusik@Home is filled with educational activities for kids and can spark tremendous creative energy or calm ticking minds for rest. Our songs and poems help make transitions easier… to bed, to bath, to car seat. You’ll visit magical places in our videos and have stories to imagine and share. You’ll play games that reinforce developmental learning concepts. Your child will love the wonderful range of learning games, while reaping the cognitive developmental benefits - and you will have the perfect tools to make it fun.

It is the perfect way to have fun and learn with your child.
Our family loves music and now we know ways to make it educational.
We learn in class and can continue learning at home.
— Parent using Kindermusik at Home

How is Kindermusik different at home than in the classroom?

The class provides the benefit of social interactions, both for the children and the adults. In addition to participating, children are also observing and learning from the other children. Group dances and instrument play-alongs are magical, reinforcing the joy of community. With a teacher's guidance, both the short and long term benefits of the activities are understood. And that hour away from the hustle and bustle of schedules provides much coveted time to relax, reconnect and enjoy being with your child. At home, each child is able to delve deeper into the activities in which he or she is most interested. At home, there is no time limit for exploring and repeating the most-loved songs and movement games. And nothing secures learning more than being engaged with mum, dad or family.